What is the "Build Your Own Slide" (BYOS)

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Available parts BYOS-1

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Available parts BYOS-2

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Available colours BYOS-1 and BYOS-2



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Prices and Delivery BYOS-1 and BYOS-2


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The "build your own slide" makes it possible to own a unique private pool slide by determine the length, shape and colour yourself, matching your pool and garden. Choose from the BYOS-1 or the BYOS-2. The BYOS-2 is wider and deeper and can carry more weight. 

The BYOS-1 has 10 available elements and 9 colours and can run in two different sliding angles (15 and 30 degrees). The BYOS-2 has five available elements and 9 colours and has a sliding angle of 20 degrees. You create your own finishing and landscaping around the BYOS so it blends into your pool and garden. The unique Zoom Flume Water Delivery System makes these slides a spectacular attraction as you only find at the professional waterparcs. You can install the BYOS yourself, especially with our guide and the instructions of Interfab, but you can also contact us or your local pool builder for the installation. If you are planning to install a new pool make it part of your budget in consultation with your pool builder. 

So check out this website and get informed about the possibilities. If you have questions, if you want a free quote or like to see the BYOS or other slides in real, please contact us.

Pool slides of Interfab: Unique, durable and affordable.

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